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A Rewarding Challenge: DIY-Microscopy

Do-it-yourself microscopy has proven to be a perfect medium for dipping into a couple of key concepts, fundamental methods and relevant discourses with new media students. In my class at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar during the winter term 2012/2013 the given task was to build a cheap (affordable would be an understatement) microscope. The task also […]

Manila BioPunk

A small intellectual and cultural movement composed of young science and engineering professionals, students, advocates, hobbyists and enthusiasts who are organizing to create public awareness about the current technologies in the biological and chemical sciences which can be applied in one’s own backyard or garage. The group members are dedicated to making biology an accessible […]

Article on Do-it-yourself biology in “Systems and Synthetic Biology”, T. Landrain et. al.

The team from Paris has just published a nice overview about “Do-it-yourself biology: challenges and promises for an open science and technology movement”, sadly not available as open access… but still for download somewhere.. All publicly funded research should be in the public domain – no patents, no copyrights, no restrictions on use, period. I […]

BioTehna at Sajeta festival

In the idyllic place, near the small city of Tolmin, there is a perfect place for festivals. Every year there are several festivals going on (MetalCamp, River Reggae Splash,…) and one of them is Festival Sajeta, where experimental music is met. And now, bio-hacking is part of it 🙂 We are doing some simple stuff. […]