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Hagen Chääsli – First trials in cheese making aka BioHacking

During our recent discussions we thought we have to look more deeply in to cheese making. While first experiments were already done by Sachiko during her visit to lifepatch in Yogyakarta, (see impressions on facebook here), this time we’ll try it under the minimal equipment circumstances in Hagen. From Hackteria’s Hagen Chääsli – First tests. […]

pechblenda lab

[PECHBLENDA] –> TransHackFeminist INTERDISCIPLINAR lab for reserch into BIO-ELECTRO-CHEMICAL devices. actual members: pin, klau and julito we are happy to announce the new interdisciplinarity lab PECHBLENDA that is growing up 50 Km out of Barcelona in a big hack comunity called Calafou ( a small introduction of the actual members: -Pin- as a performer and […]

Hackteria BioLab @ SHARE – Republika, Rijeka

As part of the Share Cyberpunk Academy during REPUBLIKA festival in Rijeka, Croatia, we are setting up a Hackteria BioHacking Lab on former Marshal Josip Broz Tito’s ship Galeb (Seagull). Follow our protocols and experiments on the wiki Video Memories… Hackteria goes Republika from Adrian Demleitner on Vimeo.

“Playing With Life” – Article about wetPONG and biotic games

The article by Marni Usheroff about biotic games, wetPONG and general discussion about the use of lifeforms in play has finally been published. I, dusjagr, was happy to speak through skype with her, explaining the history of the wetPONG course I did at FHNW since 2008, which is where the whole DIY microscopy started, even […]

BIOART NOW – Article in Dazed & Confused

A recent article by Stephen Fortune has just been published in Dazed & Confused, both as print (short version) and digital (longer version) Read the online version on DazedDigital