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RadioDocu on BioHackers in DRadion.Wissen

“BIOHACKING” Gentechnik für den Hausgebrauch – Thomas Wagner über Biologen mit Do-It-Yourself-Attitüde “Es geht um die Auseinandersetzung mit Biologie außerhalb des institutionellen Rahmens” Thomas Wagner came for a visit to the ANORG atelier, Zürich Altstetten, to check out the dusjagr labs, the kafi-schnapps detektor and stories from the world; and skyped with Rüdiger Trojok, talking […]

Short Video Docu HackteriaLab from Julian Abraham on Vimeo. Final Presentation of HackteriaLab 2013 – Bangalore Thanks to all Participants! more impressions

Mini-Mycophone Workshop, BioTehna, Ljubljana

Date and Location Date: Saturday, 20. April 2013 Duration: 5, 6 hours Place: BioTehna in Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 6, Ljubljana, Slovenia Duration: 5 hours with a half an hour break Register my mail to gallery@kapelica,org Short Description Make your own communication plug-in with underground network of the world! Social networks within the human species are our […]

New Kresse Shields…. Lab-on-an-Arduino

see dusjagr’s things on thingyverse.

Remote workshops with Waag Open Wetlab

Building the Hackteria DIY Microscope and look at human liver cells 19 dec 2012 DIY LAB at WAAG ‘DIY Microscopy’ from Wetlab on Vimeo. We had 2 remote session to the Waag Open Wetlab, skyping an edible Agar Agar Gel and cross-european DIY microscopy, see video above. And more videos by the waag do-it-together biolab: […]