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Hack a Taq – 6, 7, 13 April, Lausanne

Hack-a-Taq, 6,7&13 April 2013 Swiss Meet-Up of the Hackteria network in Lausanne. Join us to discuss biohacking and DIY biology, help us setting up a new community bio-lab, have fun with self-made PCR thermocyclers and open-sourced Taq polymerases. Contact: Sachiko Objectives 1. test the Wild OpenPCR machine (gaudilabs) 2. hack the Taq isolation protocol from […]

New pd microscopy patches

From a recent workshop at Media Art & Design Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, by Max Neupert. Download microscopy_view

Poor Man’s BioPrinter

Experiments on cheap bioprinting done during HackteriaLab 2013 – Bangalore. see some notes on the wiki From A Poor Man’s BioPrinter. Posted by Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr on 4/02/2013 (12 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

DIY Microscopy | 26 & 27. March 2013 @ BioTehna, Ljubljana

Overview Through a simple hack, every webcam can be turned into a useful digital microscope, allowing the magnified observation of life forms, analysis of biological motion and form, as well as audio-visual interpretations for aesthetic presentation. Location BioTehna Laboratory, Kiberpipa, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana, Slovenia Mentor Dr. Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a transdisciplinary scholar, expert […]

SR4 LifeYeast

SR4 LifeYeast is a product of dry yeast package produced and manufactured by the Laboratory of Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture UGM Yogyakarta and Lifepatch – citizen initiative in art, science and technology. SR4 LifeYeast is isolated from Soursop fruit yeast inoculum. The production process of the LifeYeast done with Aseptic technique by microbiology experts at […]

DIY microscope webcam for Visual in Senja Art performance

In end of January, lifepatch are invited to participate in Senja Art Exhibition. The organizer asked us to do a workshop and performance for this event. From lifepatch, manticore (Iyok), Joan Prahara Bumi and me did a little jamming session for the session, with Dusjagr joining us for the fun with his classic DIY instruments […]

Article on “Erste Gehversuche als Biohacker”, NZZ

A short article by Lena Stallmach appeared in NZZ, 27.2.2013, about the recent book “Biohacking, Gentechnik aus der Garage”, H. Charisius, R. Friebe, S. Karberg, Carl-Hanser-Verlag, München 2013.. “Laut den Autoren ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis die Methoden der Biotechnologie und Gentechnik so billig und einfach zu handhaben sein werden, dass jedermann […]