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BioElectronix for Artists and Geeks, Ljubljana

This workshop on BioElectronix for Artists and Geeks will introduce the participants into the very basics of electronics and simple circuits to be used to measure, amplify and control a living environment, sensing and actuating for biological applications, simple programming of Arduino compatible, cheap microcontrollers aka BioCheapuino. During three evening sessions we will go step-by […]

Chara algae hacking session, Zurich

Today we’ll continue our series of algae hacking sessions with experimentation on getting electrical signals out of large cell Chara Corallina algae and send it to pure data. We, Stefan Deuber, Ralf Weise and dusjagr, met at Ralf’s HomeLab, the best fabbing workshop i ever saw installed in an apartment, we set up the Bio-electrophysiology […]

Starting Taiwanese BioArt community

Through the Playaround workshop which many Hackteria members (Marc, Yashas, Spela) had been joined as a tutor throughout the years, somehow many people who are interested in bioart or who are already a practitioner in BioArt got the chance to meet each other. We’ve decided to start regular meeting from now on. Who ever are […]

BioTehna – New initiatives in Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are happy to announce the start of our new initiative – BioTehna, a collaboration of hackteria | Open Source Biological Art and Kaplica Gallery. BioTehna is a platform for interdisciplinary research on life sciences and a series of workshops for youngsters and students, each mentored by expert/s in a specific scientific field. Create and […]

more experiments with the BubbleBots

After our first experiments with the BubbleBot at the NanoŠmano lab and evening a playful experimentation we had to look more into them. So Robertina and dusjagr met for NanoBRKFST at dusjagr labs II, this time we got the right concentration of H2O2 and were ready to rock the nanorockets. see some of our experimentations […]

Reflections on BioSense DuDu – NanoŠmano – ŽiviSistemi 2012

Some reflections from the BioSense DuDu workshop as part of NanoŠmano – LifeSystems / ŽiviSistemi. Paula Pin, together with the NanoŠmano Team, Marc, Romie, Stefan and Bostjan, spent twice 3 hours with some kids in the garden, investigating new ways to sense, interact, play with living things. Timelapse BioSense DuDu NanoŠmano -ŽiviSistemi 2012 from dusjagr […]


SRCE (Croatian word for Heart ) Live biomechatronic heart, grown with a help of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria. This technology is applicable for growing of “real” human organs (as a scaffold for growing them). Material: As a material for growing of SRCE, microbial cellulose is used. Microbial cellulose is an experimental bio-material, grown in a bioreactor […]

Gjino Šutić [Biotweaker]  & UR Institute

Gjino Šutić, Independent interdisciplinary researcher, from Croatia. Conducts research in the several fields of science, such as;    all fields of biology, medicine, engineering, electronics, neurology, nanotechnology etc. with an emphasis on DIY biotechnology & bioelectronics. He designs and makes (DIY) necessary research instruments. Invented the concept of Biotweaking (improvement of living organisms or their components […]