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Bio+Hacker+Art-Space Tour California 2012

In summer 2012 dusjagr and urs were invited to collaborate on the Sci-Art Nanolab, hosted by CNSI, California NanoSystems Institute, and the UCLA Art/Sci center, in Los Angeles, United States of America. We used the opportunity to be in California to investigate a bunch of local spaces and initiative, hackerspaces, art-sci galleries, museums, open cultures, […]

Bioprinting, DIY microscopy and other BioHacks with Hackteria @ BioCurious

We are happy to announce a spontanous workshop/discussion at BioCurious When: Thursday, August 2nd, 7:30-10pm. Who/What: Marc Dusseiller and Urs Gaudenz, roving biohacker ambassadors for the Hackteria network, will be dropping by BioCurious for an open lab/hack/discussion, combining bioprinting, DIY microscopy and Hackteria intro with some hands-on stuff. Check out some of the amazing workshops […]