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Timbil Budiarto

Wine Maker, Coffee Farmer, Artist and AgroChemical Engineer. Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Co-Founder of Collaborator of IB:SC, Intelligent Bacteria – Saccharomices Cervisae, with HONF and UGM

Sachiko Hirosue

Sachiko Hirosue, Sci.D. is a bioengineer and educator, primarily interested in critical territories where science intersects with society. In practice, this translates to creating alternative spaces in dominant cultures to approach science and technology differently. These intersections have led her in a number of surprising directions, including forays into public health outreach and art festival organization […]

Špela Petrič

Špela Petrič (1980) works as a researcher at the Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. As an artist she focuses on the cross-section of biological sciences, performance and art and collaborates with the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. Her recent work includes CTCAG – recognition (lecture-performance, 2011), Cladocera (installation, 2010), Autobiography-Discography (performance, […]


(Art)ScienceBLR’s work is at intersection of art-science and pedagogy, creating spaces of dialogue and interaction between artists, designers and scientists. Since 2009, the group has focused on building low-tech laboratories and low cost equipment, making it easier for outsiders to explore the life-sciences. Their work has been awarded prizes and recognition in both the arts […]

# Galerija Kapelica

Gallery for Contemporary Investigative Arts Kapelica Gallery Kersnikova 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia