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Hackteria interview on WMMNA

There is a new Hackteria interview on the important, fascinating and always stimulating arts blog We Make Money Not Art. Well worth a read to catch up on our recent experiences, thoughts and plans. While you are there it is well worth taking a look at Mateusz Herczka’s Puddle Simulation project.

advanced bioLED hacking

Instructions Grind down an LED flat. Add battery and tape it tightly. Mount 4-mm wide tape around the LED to create a dish. Add a drop of fresh pondwater containing daphnia. Various prototype models overview yeah maybe the instructions above is to short 🙂 but it is really super simple. you grind down an LED […]

Hackteria & SGMK BioCyberKidzz

Hackteria BioLab // Create Your World The Hackteria BioLab introduces the world of microorganisms to children or adults any age. At the end of the workshop they will be able to take home little amulet Petri dishes with their own “living” fingerprints, a yeast powered balloon or simple bio-accoustic ear amplifiers and many more. With […]

DIY Microscopy workshop at Atelier Nord (NO)

After participating in the exceedingly successful Hackterialab2011, Øyvind Mellbye returned to Norway to pass on the technology of D.I.Y Microscopy at Atelier Nord in Oslo from 2-4.september 2011. During the workshop we made microscopes from usb webcameras and went hunting for nematodes in the soil in the surroundings of kunstnernes hus. The basis for our […]