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HackteriaLab 2011

The second international HackteriaLab takes place this year at the 12th century monastery L’Arc in Romainmotier, Switzerland, from the 28th July to 4th August. Following on from the success of last year’s slightly more modest HackteriaLab at Dock18 in Zurich, this year we have invited around 20 artists, scientists, DIYers and hackers to spend a […]

20 minuten on the “miniscope” by FabLab Luzern

Article in 20min Luzern.

DIY Cyber Oechslemeter (Aräometer aka Hydrometer)

An Oechslemeter is a simple instrument to measure the relative density of a liquid. its also called an Aräometer or Hydrometer. The measure of Oechslegrad (degree Oechsle, ° Oe), also “must weight“, is used in the German/Swiss wineculture to specifiy to the sugar content in the fruitjuice, thus the change of the Oechligrad before -> […]