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NanoŠmano – Šmall Matter

Public art-and-science lab for nanoscale materials and effects Umetniski in znanstveni javni laboratorij za materiale in ucinke najmanjsega merila Stefan Doepner – Marc Dusseiller – Boštjan Leskovšek – Bengt Sjölén – Erik Reimhult Closed now in Ljubljana… Documentary Video documentary from: artyč 21. – 30. April 2011, Mestni trg 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Presented by: Kapelica […]

hackteria in colombia

Hackteria has just completed its first two workshops in Colombia. First was part of LabSurLab in the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin with 14 participants from the school of art. Next up was Manizales and a workshop with 5 more participants as part of the Festival del Imagen. Both workshops were an attempt to […]

Z-stage kit for DIY microscope

you can find all designs in .ai or CAD on the wiki: Laser Cut Stages

InterNETional workshops in NYC, Medellin, Zürich and more

For 24 h we participated at the Pachube International Internet of Things Hackathon – April 8-9, 2011. A group of 8 hackers, coders, gardeners and others worked together in the MechArtLab, Zurich, to explore new connections of things, environmental sensors, http-protocols, plants, kinects. While at the same time other groups worked in similar projects all […]