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DIY Laser Microscopes

Lens Laser Microscope Overview Here i want to describe a hack how to modify a (quite strong) green laser pointer with an old lens from a webcam into a microscope projector, which magnifies tiny living microorganisms from a natural pond or a piece of fresh moss onto your wall. Nowadays strong green laser pointers can […]

Nematode Theremin

Here is a quick setup for Impedance spectroscopy Bio Analysis or simply Nematode Playing the Theremin. By using the digital theremin circuit over from OpenTheremin and connecting it to a microscopic antenna. The air bubbles and the nematodes around it make funny sounds…

New BioElectronix Circuits

We made new little circuitboards for our BioElectronix activities. These should simplify the use of various applications to create hybrid living-digital systems and will be used in future workshops. Sofar we have the HEXAtrode multiplexer (4051), the H-Bridge motordriver (L293) and a relais board (6V relais with NPN transistor). More soon… For more details about […]