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Interview about Hackteria, by Dominik Landwehr (german)

Listen # Bakterien und Elektronik Der Name HACKTERIA setzt sich zusammen aus den englischen Begriffen ‹hacking› und ‹bacteria›. Das Projekt HACKTERIA – OPEN SOURCE BIOLOGICAL ART will mit einfachen Technologien die Welt der Bakterien und Mikroorganismen zugänglich machen. Im Gespräch mit Dominik Landwehr erklärt der Initiant Marc Dusseiller Absichten und Erfahrungen von HACKTERIA. 10 Min […]

Hackteria workshop @ ISEA2010 RUHR

Overview We are happy to hold a workshop during ISEA2010 in Dortmund. Andy and Marc will go into various aspects of the hackteria project, create an atmosphere of a bio-hacklab and introduce the participants and visitors into the world of living microorganisms, how to look at them with self-made microscope and how to combine the […]

PS3 Eye DIY microscopy hack

Easy modification of a Playstation 3 Eye, high-speed camera, optimized for low-lighting and motion detection. Thanks to Alejo Duque for coming up with the idea and prototyping the setup. Step 1 – Open it up, f**k warrany Use a small screw driver and open up the case of the PS3eye. The screws are hidden under […]