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avatar is a project of hackteria program in playaround09-TechNomads 2009 (currently, the source code/patches can be downloaded from here) Idea: Every slide stands for a game cartridge. (e.g., Super Mario Brothers、Pac-Man、Battle City) Every microorganism stands for an avatar in the game. (e.g., Mario、Pacman、Tank) When microorganisms meet up, the event of video game will be triggered. […] @ NTUA, Taipei, Taiwan | 7th-11th Dec 2009.

PlayAround 09 –TechNomads – is the second edition of an intensely parallel and collaborative workshop of mediating the creative use of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) and DIY practices to an audience of young students and artists of diverse backgrounds. It combines the knowledge creation and open distribution of new media technologies and contemporary art […]