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vj-ing the improved pd_microscope

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building microscopes in Ticino

We are currently doing a workshop in Vico Morcote, Ticono, during the yearly hacker’s camp, home-made labor research week, organised by the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. While there is some massive soldering actions, noise-experiments and easy sunbathing and swimming, we have settled down with a small DIY microscopy workshop in the grapes pergola overlooking the […]

Urs Gaudenz – gaudi

Urs Gaudenz, Switzerland – 1971 Urs Gaudenz is microengineer and worked for Swiss high tech companies in the field of micro sensor technology ( and brushless motor control. With his solid background in electronics, mechanics and software he is working in an concurrent style between the disciplines. After several years of experience as a consultant […]

Yashas Shetty

Yashas Shetty is an artist and composer based in Bangalore, India. He is currently an artist in residence at the National Center for Biological Sciences in Bangalore and faculty at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. He helped found the Center for Experimental Media Arts at Srishti and has previously taught at design […]

DIY microscopy @ Faculty of Agricultural Technology, UGM, Yogya

After showing the hackteria project to Prof. Irfan D. Prijambada during the cellsbutton#03 Yogyakarta international media art festival, he wanted to have a longer workshop with his group to introduce the DIY microscopy project. The workshop will be held on Monday, 10th August 2009, in the Laboratory of Soil and Environmental Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, […]