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Mind thGAP_ | upcoming workshop series with wet-lab artist Adam Zaretsky et al. | May & June 2021

Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP)_

We are happy to announce the upcoming series of “hybrid” labs on ReproTech & Arts / Germline Hacks and Designer Babies, hosted by our wetl-lab artist-in-residence Adam Zaretsky and our virtual collaborators around the planet Earth.

Mind thGAP is a collaborative Programme with Hackteria ZET – Open Science Lab in Zürich – Research Node: ReproTech & Art / Germline Hacks and Designer Babies, Adam Zaretsky Cristian Delgado, Paula Pin and Marc Dusseiller, with representatives of psyFert and BEAK, the Bioart Ethical Advisory Kommission.

NFP – non-fundable project : The Mind thGAP programme series sadly has not yet been successfully raising fundings, approval by the Kt. of Zurich was rejected, other sources delayed. In the meantime we are full on continuing and offering our enthusiasm to make this happen and can rely on some small profits from recent crypto donations to the HCFF (Hackteria Crpyto Food Fund). Feel free to support our activities with donations on the ethereum chain (ERC-20 tokens only) or paypal.



16. May 16-18 CEST : thGAP – Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project

How to read scientific papers for artists:

Lets find some genes that most people don’t know about. We can learn about the open science sciHub interface. This way, you can download from the scientific community of mind from both sides of the pay wall. Try experiments in creative misreading of scientific papers. You will never feel bored, confused or annoyed by specialist lingo. Develop skills in translating powerful scientific lingo and boring scientific imagery into the playful, dataless and incomprehensible symbolic universe of the arts.

30. May 16-18 CEST : GOSSHA – Generic Open-Source Sequence for Human Arts

World citizen gene hunting and opensource CGCB banking:

Take an in-silico tour of public science bioinformatics databases. Select, Copy and Paste Genes for fun and pleasure through creative bioinformatics explorations. Become adept in the Art of online Gene Hunting.
Learn how to find a gene and a gene sequence online. Interested in having an effect on the diverse possibilities of future transgenic mutants? Want to be a bioartist? Make art, poetry and an infectious human genome attenuator through our Amateur Gene Hunting lab. Copy whole gene sequences and paste them into the GOSPHA our non-proprietory, in silico, human gene editing guide design. Upload to the Creative Germline Constructs Bank (CGCB) for a chance to alter the history of the future of our species.

June tba : CGCB – Creative Germline Constructs Bank

Become a bioart critic and bioart ethicist overnight:

What is an bioart critic?
This lab explains how to be a bioart critic. How easy is it to vamp the language of art criticism? Lets do art criticism of genes! Creative writing is an appropriate response to the language of science. In this lab we review your a range of genes as potential gene-edited human art projects. Our explorations include image research into anatomy, scientific imagery, lateral web image soothsaying, and the power of naming/neologism.
A bioarts critique of a gene helps you understand the role of human gene editing as a part of bioart – a time-based, new media, trans-species conceptual art form with the aftertaste of art and technology interdisciplinarity.

What is a bioethicist?
Mind THGAP_ also provides novel approaches towards a public understanding of technology and legal, social, ethical and libidinal issues (LESLI) surrounding critical germline genetic editing. Bioart Ethical Advisory Kommission (BEAK) will present on the biodiverse effect of novel genetic aesthetics on the future of human anatomy. Imagined HumanPhenotypes from the Creative Germline Constructs Bank (CGCB) of the Transgenic Human Genome Alternatives Project (thGAP_) will be analized for potential positive and negative effects of these proposed reprogrammed humans.


Please register by mail to dusjagr and state if you want to attent locally and/or as part of our virtual hybrid format online

Call for Collaborators

Current Collaborators: Adam Zaretsky (USA), Cristian Delgado (MX), Marc Dusseiller (CH), Paula Pin (ES) invite you to join!!!

Join our discussions on the forum if you want to collaborate with us!

June tba : World Congress on New Reproductive Technology Arts

More info will follow soon… stay tuned!

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