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=== Cheese & CRISPR ===
=== Cheese & CRISPR ===
Download the booklet in Japanese: [[:File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet_jap.pdf]] or English: [[:File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet.pdf]]
Download the booklet in Japanese: [[:File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet_jap.pdf]] or English: [[:File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet.pdf]]

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Starting this portal wiki page to all the zines collected from the network...

Small publications from Hackteria Workshops/Labs


"NanoŠmano Zine - NanoŠmano, NanoPunk and the Hacking of Future", published in 2010, as part of First Edition of NanoŠmano, Ljubljana. More info about NanoŠmano - LifeSystem, the third edition, on this wiki.

NanoSmanoZine screnshot.jpg


BioCyber Kidzzz

BioCyberKids booklet screenshot.jpg

Hackteria & SGMK BioCyberKidzz


Folding instrictions.jpg

File:BioCyberKidzz Labjournal.pdf


Cheese & CRISPR

Cheese CRISPR booklet jap page1 2.jpg

Download the booklet in Japanese: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet_jap.pdf or English: File:Cheese_CRISPR_booklet.pdf

Part of our workshop with lifepatch and BioClub in Tokyo, we wanted to make a Japanese version of the Cheesemaking booklet. See more on Chrisper-Chäsli#Workshop_Fr._10._Feb_2017_-_BioClub_Tokyo

Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermy Zine

Zines from Friends in the Network

artScience BLR - IGEM publications

Mary Maggic - Estrogen and others

Aga's and Agryfp's FermentLab Zines

Pin's BioTransLab and others

Hiking Hack and Dinacon booklets

Foodphreaking - Center for Genomic Gastronomy


Published by the Center for Genomic Gastronomy


Food Phreaking is the journal of experiments, exploits and explorations of the human food system. Each issue contains stories about the space where food, technology & open culture meet. Food Phreaking Issue 00 is the prequel and contains 38 short stories outlining what Food Phreaking is, and what it is not. Food Phreaking Issue 01 is "A Culinary Compendium of Curious Botanical Fruits". Issue 02 is called "What is In Vitro Meat?", Issue 03, focusses on the human microbiome. Our newest issue uncovers the secret lives of seeds, with short stories and essays written by the Center and various expert contributors around the globe. Food Phreaking Issue 04: Seeds is risograph printed by HATO Press with a 4-color fold out cover and two-color interior. This issue is 100% self-published, thanks to your contributions and continued support. As always, Food Phreaking is licensed under Creative Commons and the full book is available as a free, downloadable PDF below. Thank you and enjoy!

Gasthaus: Fermentation and Bacteria & Sonmas recipes