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=== Paula Pin (ES)  ===
=== Paula Pin (ES)  ===
=== Masato Takemura aka Take (JP) ==
=== Masato Takemura aka Take (JP) ===
=== ... and friends ===
=== ... and friends ===

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Keywords: Worms, Soil, Circular Economies, Plastics, Textiles, Metabolism, HLabX, Environment-culture, lasers, ecology and life sciences, relational biosphere


12. - 15. September, Le Commun, Geneva, Switzerland

Hackteria coordinates a Temporary Autonomous Laboratory during the early phase of “1000 Ecologies” inviting international researchers, artists and entrepreneurs as participants. The lab as a temporary construction should allow researchers from the fields of biology and engineering to collaborate with artists and so create links between the "two cultures", the human sciences and the arts. On the topic of “Wormolution” participants will explore the territory between plastic as the abundant material of our society and the natural metabolisms and processes in nature. By combining their expertise, share simple instructions and engaging in critical and theoretical reflections artists and scientists will create new ways to combine multiple ecologies, maybe in a circular, maybe in a whole new way of freedom and awareness.


General Opening Hours: 11 am - late

Thursday 12. September

  • Collaborative process of setting up the lab
  • Opening Night / public talks (staring 8 pm)

Saturday 14. September

  • Workshop by international participants (2 pm)

Sunday 15. September

  • Autonomous Lab Discussion / brunch public interaction (starting 11 am)
  • TAL Finissage / public with foods, experiments and drinks (starting 7 pm)


Shih Wei Chieh (TW)

Roland van Dierendonck (NL)

Marc Dusseiller (CH)

Eleonore Eisath (DE)

Urs Gaudenz (CH)

Paula Pin (ES)

Masato Takemura aka Take (JP)

... and friends

Logistic info for Participants


Hackteria TAL is supported by Utopiana through funding from Pro Helvetia, Lotterie Romandie and the City of Geneva. Travel support for international particiapants is co-funded through the "Förderbeitrag" of KulturRaum Schaffhausen with the HLab X Fellows Programme.

Additionally the project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Project PlasticTwist. The aim of the PlasticTwist project is to revalue recycled plastic by supporting multiple actors, citizens, communities, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, public institutions, in co-creating and sustaining new forms of plastic-as-an-asset practices, strengthening both societal and circular economy actions in-line with digital social innovation principles.