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(Skype-Conference | 16.7.2009)
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''similar projects''
who else already has similar approaches

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Skype-Conference | 16.7.2009


Marc Dusseiller

Andy Gracie

Yashas Shetty (?)


What is Hackteria

Who is Hackteria

get involved

Webpage | Community Portal

wiki: spam protection, layout

future page: features, platform/backend, style, news-feed/newsletter

launch date?

Future workshops

bioelectronix for artists, piksel09, norway, marc & andy (possible presentation?)

diy microscopy, diy* night, switzerland, marc & urs

ISEA, presentation of hackteria and multiple parallel workshops, all of us and more


hackteria meeting/lab/conference

[htpp://dock18.ch dock18] would be suitable in zurich for a small-scale meeting

individual fundings, joint project fundings

dusjagr: BAK CH (granted), Migros CH (planned), Göhner CH (planned)


similar projects

who else already has similar approaches

Potential Publications

"Art at the Biointerface", draft title for a perspectives/review paper, eg biointerphases

"hackteria", for a art|sci journal, eg leonardo