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Managed Hosting 2088.jpg

Managed switches moderate the connections on LAN ports. With a managed switch, you may specify what computers or components are permitted to connect to a specific LAN port. This suppress other users from accessing your LAN ports, which remains most potential as used for some link to the Internet or a private network. Finding the IP address of a managed change, as well seeing that some additional parts that is have network capabilities, remains any easy job that is can be completed with a few simple steps.

Difficulty: Effortless Instructions

1 Go to the begin menu and click on "All Programs." Click on "Accessories" from the list of systems, which remains in alphabetical buy.

2 Open the accessory called "Command Prompt." Any black window will pop awake on your screen.

3 Type "ipconfig/all" in the box and hit enter. A screen will pop up and show you all the devices from the network that are connected also their IP addresses. The IP address of the managed change should be in the list.