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Marc Dusseiller (CH)

photo by: Adam Zaretzky, Make Your Own CRISPR-Babies Workshop

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist. He is part of the Center for Alternative Coconut Research and co-founder of SGMK and the Global Hackteria Network, Co-organiser of GOSH, Gathering for Open Science Hardware. He loves making DIWO laboratories for creative biological experimentation and works in an integral way, combining science, art and education. He has worked as guest faculty and mentor at various schools, Srishti, Bangalore (IN), UCSB (USA) and in Switzerland, FHNW, HEAD, HSLU, ETHZ. He lives and works in Zürich, Yogyakarta and Taipei. He also loves synthesizers and coconuts.


Lecturer who invited dusjagr to do this! Whyyy?

Agus Tri Budiarto (Timbil)

Timbil potrait.png

Helps translation and reflection / questions from lifepatch viewpoint.

Agus Tri Budiarto (Timbil) is born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is a bio hacking enthusiast, backyard wine producer, cofounder of, and contributor at and initiate experimental food, space and laboratory Sewon FoodLab. Graduated from University of National Development Veteran (UPN-Veteran) majoring in chemical engineering. He has been active with local community practices of Yogyakarta since 2003, focusing his activities as a citizen scientist concerning local ecology issues and biopunk movements. One of his research is the use of owls as natural predators of pest rodents in rice farming in which collaborate with local farmers in the use of this technology, intended to reduce the use of chemical pesticides that are harmful to health and ecosystems, and gradually restore the habitat of the owl. He is the original co-creator of IB: SC, an art and science collaboration project on safe wince fermentation method with Microbiology Department UGM which receive the Transmediale awards in 2011.

Group Preparations

UGM Group A

Watch and reflect on HackteriaLab 2014 - Documentary *Seni Gotong Royong

UGM Group B

Reading Articles on Global Geek Diplomacy and Open Science Hardare / Do-It-With-Others

UGM Group C

On Workshops and Biohacking. Interviews with Marc Dusseiller

UGM Group D

Watching Youtube docus from the Urban Hunting Series

UGM Group E

Hackteria as modern Art and Activism