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On Workshops and Biohacking. Interviews with Marc Dusseiller


On Workshops and Biohacking. Interviews with Marc Dusseiller

Makery: Marc Dusseiller, Biohack Pioneer & Coconut Researcher

MakeryInterview dusjagr10Years.png

Long and two part interview by Ewen Chardronnet for Makery done during Interactivos?16, June 2016, published in French and English in July 2016

Part 1 Marc Dusseiller, biohack pioneer: This summer, we’re traveling with Swiss globetrotter Marc Dusseiller, who cofounded Hackteria, the international open source network of biohackers and bioartists. In this first part, the ex-researcher in nanotechnology talks about how the DIYbio movement came to Europe and founding Hackteria in India in 2009.

Marc Dusseiller, biohack pioneer (1/2)

Part 2 How to (not) innovate with a coconut: Marc Dusseiller, co-founder of the DIYbio network Hackteria, is a passionate promoter of open hardware. This is all the more evident in part 2 of our interview, where the activist scientist talks about the DIY microscope and the propaganda of innovation, which led him to create the Center for Alternative Coconut Research.

Karkhana: Makers Hackers or Slackers, Interview by Sabhyata Timsina

I sat down with Marc on the last day of K_space to chat about his work and ended up having a long conversation about the socio-political meaning of hacking, the direction in which the maker movement is headed, hacking as a teaching method and gender dynamics within the technical field. The interview, transcribed below, is a great explainer on what making and hacking looks like outside of the vacuum of technical fields and instead embedded within society, politics and history.