RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019

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Fyler EasterHegg small.jpg


Happy to announce an informal Hackteria hack-session and gathering coming up soon in RandeLab, 18-23. April, means over the easter holiday. And we’ll go beyond eggs!!

See impressions from earlier sessions such as the HUMUS.Sapiens RandeLab Soil Retreat 2018....


18 - 23. April


"Wie ist das nochmals mit dem BSL1 in der Schweiz?"

More info on our overview on how to register a BSL1 Lab in Switzerland are on DIY-BSL1.

Sorghum Monoculture

I got these nice super power sweet sorghum seeds from Akbar's university in Japan.... i think good start of seeding should be late May / early June. But maybe we can plough the field and throw some seeds already to test.

Glow Your Own Beer

Let's see if those yeasts are still alive and kicking! In the old tradition of making things glow... see earlier experiments on glowing sausages


Host: Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr

Rüdiger Trojok

The "first" German Biohacker!!!