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(Earlier Experiments)
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Find out more about [http://www.randelab.ch/ RandeLab]
Find out more about [http://www.randelab.ch/ RandeLab]
== Gemütliche Mikrobiologische Praxis ==
[[Gemütliche Mikrobiologische Praxis]] also know as [[RandeLab-GMP]]
== Planned Experiments ==
== Planned Experiments ==

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Documentation and Infrastructure of RandeLab's BSL1 relevant Actvities


In progress.... 17.4.2019

Find out more about RandeLab

Gemütliche Mikrobiologische Praxis

Gemütliche Mikrobiologische Praxis also know as RandeLab-GMP

Planned Experiments


RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019

Earlier Activities

Glowing Sausages

It woooorked.jpg

Also documented as part of our Explorations in BioLuminescence#Glowing Wurst

DIY incubator and shaker

Plating, shaking and growing