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(Plating, shaking and growing)
(Earlier Experiments)
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[[RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019]]
[[RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019]]
== Earlier Experiments ==
== Earlier Activities ==
=== Glowing Sausages ===
=== Glowing Sausages ===

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Documentation and Infrastructure of RandeLab's BSL1 relevant Actvities


In progress.... 17.4.2019

Find out more about RandeLab

Planned Experiments


RandeLab Easter(H)egg 2019

Earlier Activities

Glowing Sausages

It woooorked.jpg

Also documented as part of our Explorations in BioLuminescence#Glowing Wurst

DIY incubator and shaker

Plating, shaking and growing