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ハクテリア 合宿 - Oki Wonder Lab

Oki is 沖, means ocean.

ハクテリア 合宿 - Ha-ku-te-ri-a Gasshuku "hackteria camp"

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Oki Wonder Lab

design by Toru Oyama

also known as Okiwana Lab or OKINANDE! なんで or 沖罠 Okiwana Lab (Offshore Trap) or ハクテリア 合宿 - Ha-ku-te-ri-a Gasshuku "hackteria camp"

As part of our HLabX_Programme this will be the more durational research based camp, hosted in Okinawa, co-ordinated by Toru and dusjagr, to be held in Spring 2020. Main Activities in Okinawa from 25. March until 15. April. Some activites post-lab are also in preparations, trip to Taiwan and more field-research in Okinawa.


ハクテリア 合宿 - Oki Wonder Lab is a concentrated gathering of people working transdisciplinary who are interested in creative biological fields and any other areas which intrigue the critical interaction across art and science. In the past, Hackteria has been organising both carefully planned and/or spontaneous activities. The HackteriaLabs have been providing vessels which create international networks and potential collaboration to emerge and flourish. HackteriaLab's main focus always has been on the process of interaction between creative people, between professionals and amateurs, providing a stimulant for collaborative processes; for developing new ideas which connect and embrace the cultural diversities of the participants; and to address societal challenges through experiments with DIWO Culture, with material, technique, and nature through hands-on tinkering, curiosity driven research and never ending inquisitiveness.


25. March - 25. April 2020

Main Public Activites from 3. - 15. April

Okiwanda Lab Banner2.jpg


Okinawa, Japan

  • MIyagi Island, Uruma City
  • Itoman City
  • Okinawa City


  • Taipei


We have fully funded and confirmed accommodation for all active participants! Stay tuned for more direct info.

Collaborate virtually on our Forum

OkiWonderLab forum.jpg



Overall Activities in Okinawa from 25. March until 15. April

  • Miyagi from 25. March - 10.April

25. March - Start of Miyagi Field-research

3. April - Public Opening of ハクテリア 合宿 - Ha-ku-te-ri-a Gasshuku "hackteria camp"

10. April - Re-orient, move to new location

  • Talganie 11.April, accessible until 28. April

11. April - Talganie Public Activities

  • Taiwan Expedition (tbc)

18. April - 25. April - Travel by boat and dissemination in Taipei


Many... See our gdoc

"Abao" Shih Wei Chieh

ShihWeiChieh potrait1.jpg

Shih Wei Chieh is a media artist based in Taipei. His wearable art, laser performance have been presented by many global events such as CTM Berlin, SXSW, YouFab, Modern Body Festival, University Technology Sydney etc. His work “Laser Dye” project in 2015 combines laser projection and cyanotype photography innovate the digital printing technology for 3D garments, shoes-wear. He’s also the founder of “Tribe Against Machine”, a social engaged project that invites media artist, e-textile artist to work with Taiwan Atayal tribe community, explore the new role of artist in remote society, how technology should evolve by reflecting to the crisis of the world after capital.

Hosts, Team, Co-Organizers

Ryu "Toru" Oyama

Dusjagr fishEye CRISPR.jpg

Toru (Ryu) Oyama (JPN) is born in Japan, lives and works in Japan, Germany and Korea. As an artist and a chemical pharmacist, the art works of Ryu Oyama reflect his engagement in biology, chemistry, fields he ventured into while pursuing his degree in pharmacy at university Japan. He has since been developing artworks that draw from his knowledge of biological chemistry and combined visual art. Since 2007 Oyama has studied at Staatliche Akademie der Bildende Kuenste Karlsruhe and worked in Germany. In 2014 and 2015, he showed projects in a two-part exhibition Adaptation and Blind Spot, at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) Campus Nord. This North Campus is also known as the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Centre (KfK), and the Forschungsreaktor 2 (FR2)

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr (CH)

Dusjagr fishEye CRISPR.jpg

Marc Dusseiller aka dusjagr is a nomadic researcher and workshopologist and works in an integral way, combining science, art and education. He is part of the Center for Alternative Coconut Research and the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK), co-founder of the global Hackteria network and co-organizer of the different editions of HackteriaLab 2010 - 2014 in Zürich, Romainmotier, Bangalore and Yogyakarta. Before travelling the world for making DIY / DIWO laboratories for creative biological experimentation with living media, Marc entered the world of DIY electronics, designing printed circuit boards for synthesizers and organizing workshops and festivals in Switzerland and Slovenia. He lives and works in Zürich, Yogyakarta and Taipei. He also loves coconuts.


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