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Oki is 沖, means ocean.

ハクテリア 合宿 - Ha-ku-te-ri-a Gasshuku "hackteria camp"

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Oki Wonder Lab

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also known as Oki Wonder Lab or OKINANDE! なんで or 沖罠 Okiwana Lab (Offshore Trap)

As part of our HLabX_Programme this will be the more durational research based camp, hosted in Okinawa, co-ordinated by Toru and dusjagr, to be held in Spring 2020. Main Activities in Okinawa from 25. March until 15. April. Some activites post-lab are also in preparations. Trip to Taiwan and more field-research in Okinawa.


25. March - 25. April 2020

Main Activites from 3. - 15. April

Okiwanda Lab Banner2.jpg


  • MIyagi Island, Uruma City
  • Itoman City
  • Okinawa City
  • Taipei


Collaborate and discuss virtually on our Forum



Overall Activities in Okinawa from 25. March until 15. April

  • Miyagi from 25. March - 10.April

25. March - Start of Miyagi Field-research

3. April - Public Opening of ハクテリア 合宿 - Ha-ku-te-ri-a Gasshuku "hackteria camp"

  • Talganie 11.April, accessible until 28. April

11. April - Talganie Public Activities

  • Taiwan Expedition

18. April - By boat


Many... See our gdoc