Micro-electro-physiology @ HAIP, Ljubljana

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Background Info

Electrochemistry of Plant Life

Electrochemistry Encyclopedia

Video of extracellular measurement of action potential of the venus flytrap

On Measuring

Using the arduino we can measure Analog Voltages using the 6 Inputs ADC. If the signals are to low, such as µV in the example of potentials in plants, we need to amplify the signal and make sure we do not have too much noise or other garbage in our signals. INA118 is a high end instrumental amplifier, with low noise. But maybe cheaper amp might do the trick aswell, such as the LM386

If we want to measure more inputs we can multiplex them. meaning we measure one input at the time using a chip (4051), which got 8 inputs which are then routed to one single input on the arduino. read more about using the 4051 multiplexer/demultiplexer


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