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Went to IKEA to buy some nice and solid textile.<br>
Went to IKEA to buy some nice and solid textile.<br>
[[File:MobileHLab_IKEA_Shopping_Plastic.jpg|x250px]] [[File:MobileHLab_Plastic.jpg|x250px]]
[[File:MobileHLab_IKEA_Shopping_Plastic.jpg|x150px]] [[File:MobileHLab_Plastic.jpg|x150px]]
Found that IKEA also sell nice plastic stuff for building shelters etc.
Found that IKEA also sell nice plastic stuff for building shelters etc.
Also got some of this bricklayers cord and some magnets.
Also got some of this bricklayers cord and some magnets.
=== Back-Pack-Soft-Lab ===
=== Back-Pack-Soft-Lab ===
=== Stuff and Toys ===
=== Stuff and Toys ===

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For HackteriaLab 2014 with it's four different nodes, "water", "forest", "volcano" and "hardware" and with different locations it is going to be an intensive main phase. The participants, all experienced open-, citizen-scientists and tinkerers a mobile lab to work in the field is a mandatory prerequisite.

This page provides insights to the different mobile lab concepts and supports exchange and inspiration during the preparation phase.

From previous experience, this is the minimum-basic requirement for any mobile lab:

1. Easy to carry. Handles, straps for back-packing, must be solid and tested for outdoor conditions. (for HLab Yogya think of rainy season, water proof design and motor cycle readiness)
2. Electrical power. Be sure to carry a rechargeable battery with you to power all your fancy gears. Best ist USB connector (mobile phone charing, powering arduino etc.) and ev. 12 VDC out. Advanced option some means to check battery status, fast recharge. You can get so called "power banks" that do the trick...
3. Any kind of lightning system - LED strips proved to be very versatile. Torch or head light.
4. Music toy. Put 30% of art in all you do. Not a joke. You need some kind of jamming device for the long nights around the lab fire. If you don't join in with you instrument, synthesizer, noisemaker what ever, you will not endure the noise sessions and miss the fun.


Mobile Lab on a Motor-Cycle


Brainstorming notes on mobile lab for HLab 2014

Earlier sessions on Mobile Labs

During the last years we have investigated various approaches on building and using various MobileLabs, MobileKitchenLabs in a hacked Angkringan, in Yogyakarta and Boxology. We explored it's uses at various festivals and conferences such as MutaMorphosis:Nomadic_Science_Lab#Nomadic_Furniture or Lab-in-a-Van for Ars Electronica's Create Your World Festival. It is time now to focus more in depth about these concepts and we are inviting artists and hackers to come and join us for a 1 week MobileLabs Hackathon in our new facilities of the BioTehna Lab II, Ljubljana. And see Doms Mobile vj lab.

GaudiLabs Mobile Lab

Thinking about what kind of mobile lab is best suited for HLab 2014 I evaluated box-style and soft-stlye.
MobileHLab AluBox.jpgMobileHLab AloBox 2.jpg
Nice aluminum box.

MobileHLab NiceBoxology.jpg DV 8 8519457 01 4c DE 20120704120532.jpg
Great plastic box for mobile lab found at the hardware store. Good to hack.
And trolley is also available...

MobileHLab BackPack.jpg
Backpack I got for really cheap at the flee market.

After discussion at Hirokuri-Brainstorming came to the conclusion that I will go for soft-style. Soft is fun, electronic textile, compact, light weight, good for fight. Want to do forst-exploration-mobile-lab. Thinking of shelter, tent, hammock made from locally found wood and trees, strings, magnets, hooks, fabric and plastic mats. Combine with soft-lab, backpack and wraps with tools and toys.
Let's see what fits.

MobileHLab Textile.jpg MobileHLab IKEA Shopping Textile.jpg Went to IKEA to buy some nice and solid textile.

MobileHLab IKEA Shopping Plastic.jpg MobileHLab Plastic.jpg Found that IKEA also sell nice plastic stuff for building shelters etc.
MobileHLab Magnets.jpg Also got some of this bricklayers cord and some magnets.


CAM00624.jpg CAM00625.jpg

Stuff and Toys

Petier Energy Device

Harvesting electrical energy from fire or hot surface through peltier elements.
Allows charging of devices during the night at the lab fire.


Cheap little screw cap containers for collecting samples.
Found in the nail art section on ebay.

MobileHLab IRPlantCam PublicLab.jpg MobileHLab Mask.jpg


Inspiration for Nomadic Lab setups from Simpul Pertemuan | Bumi Pemuda Rahayu

MobileHLab TreeLab.jpg

IKEA AirFilter.jpg IKEA FireEstinguisher.jpg

Hirokuri Mobile Lab

Mobile IKEA Lab with straps

DIYNet.jpg DIYNet2.jpg

See more on Plankton Nets


MobileHLab WaterStick1.jpg MobileHLab WaterStick2.jpg
How to make a universal snap in stick?

Shopping list by Sachiko: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s404/sh/3c387fae-3511-4e42-a3f1-c38a16d7ada9/647531446fee51c9e1d8205fdd6ad047

Further links and inspirations




Images (mobile sewing guy)