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FUTURE: HUMUS SAPIENS - Open Soil research

we are currently still safe with the past wemakeit campagen, so to say, we have another (2 or 3) humus sapiens projects insight this current year.

We plan to catch two birds with one trap and are pushing towards the idea of having a event in luzern (HSLU) from the 20-22.9.

then moving on to Stuttgart to Kunstverein Waagenhalle from the 26.-29.9.

with a possibility for a dissemination in Zurich till the 3.10. with a talk at Kulturfolger, a local Artspace.


HUMUSSapiens and the Life-Cycle of Soil, Food and Microplastics. Let's grow, dig, cook, eat, and think about the food-chain.

Geeks.jpg Soil s.jpg Spores s.jpg Coocking s.jpg Microscopology s.jpg Matschbatterie s.jpg Petrischalen s.jpg

Soil-Geeking with Matt, Yogyakarta

See more on CO2 Soil Respiration Chamber and Soil Geeking @ Lifepatch with Matt. Also some info on the hackteria blog.

HUMUS sapiens in Africa | Mozambique and Tanzania

School garden, science fair and soil profile,...

HS in Africa.jpg School garden.jpg School garden. 2.jpg School garden 3.jpg Science fair 1.jpg Science fair 2.jpg Science fair 3.jpg Soil profile.jpg

Field_Notes 2018 | Kilpisjärvi

Field Notes screenshot.png

HUMUS SAPIENS meets PTwist, Lucerne

When: 21. - 23. September 2018


  • FabLab Lucerne
  • Naherholunsgebiet Allmend [1]
  • Gaudi's Schrebergarten [2]


Micro-Plastic Session (Saturday, 22. September 2018)

  • Building Centrifuges
  • Extracting Micro-plastic
  • Excursion, Sampling soil
  • Microscopy and Extraction


Kunstverein Waagenhalle, Stuttgart

When: 26.-29.9.

Dissemination in Kulturfolger,

When:till the 3.10.

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