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Visit to Bumi Langit Institute

SSS - Pola Suara dan Laser

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SSS / Sering Sering Syering the regular format of electronic arts and discussion organized by "Ucok" Andreas Siagian

Shih Wei Chieh and Andryan Ade were invited to play individual performances and explore a collaborative jam-session with electronics and laser projections.

More info on Lifepatch website in Bahasa Indonesia

In this episode, SSS features two performers with different practices. Shih Wei Chieh presented a project using his assembled laser machine to create visual projection patterns with analog methods responding to sound and sound compositions. He often uses this method in apparently art projects such as e-textile and wearables. Andryan Ade presented his solo project in creating experimental music compositions. He often uses synthesizers combined with field recordings in his music. On this occasion we can also see collaboration between the two of them.

Meeting with Kunci

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Further Links: http://www.artscollaboratory.org/about/ethical-principles/

Day at the Beach