HLabX Programme

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Starting to get serious on this....


Tentative Dates: 26. Oct - 10. Nov 2019


Public Venue in Taipai for Public Discussions and Workshops, tba

Remote House / Camp in the Countryside for the main HLabX Retreat phase, tba

Get Involved

Start discussing with the Global Hackteria Network about this on the Forum.

Look into our shared google drive.

Impressions from the past

Klöntal Biohack Retreat - Switzerland 2017 and HUMUS.Sapiens

Also known as HackteriaLab 2017 - Klöntal, which then lead to a series of events in the Region of Switzerland and Southern Germany under the umbrella of HUMUS.Sapiens, starting in Sring 2018 and still kicking...

HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta