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You are a start-up, community lab, foodhub, or others working with microbes, mushrooms, plant, animals or human cell lines which belongs under the ordinance of biosafety level 1 (BSL1) we help you here to legalize your practice and become officially registered, so you will not worry about your legal state as biohacker. If you ever thought of registering your practice, lab officially to protect you and your colleagues you are on the right site. We are providing consulting services as well as this open guidance, which will lead your threw the process of registration threw the ECOGEN (Federal Coordination Centre for Biotechnology Portal)

What is Ecogen and why YOU need to register

"The Federal Coordination Centre for Biotechnology is a portal for all notifications and licence applications in accordance with the Containment Ordinance (CO) and the Ordinance on Occupational Safety in Biotechnology (OOSB)."

Ecogen is a client portal ( which allows DIYbio-Labs as well as companies, schools and universities to register their practice of gene editing and other projects which are under the safety biotechnology regulations (BSL 1-4). So this will help you to finally get legalized. If you hack the planet always make sure, you know what you do and you inform the officials about it pre-advance (TRANSPARENCY)

What you need for registration is not only a plan but simply as that it will be based on three simple ingredients: an ADDRESS, a PERSON and YOUR PRACTICE.

If you are not sure what your practice is and if it belongs under the ordinance of safty in biotechnology, please consider to get a free consultation by our official DIYbio Security Officer Marc: marc(at)

To register your own DIYbio Lab it is a process similar to register a restaurant kitchen, much less complicated than it seems. (keep your protocol, safety first for you and your work employees and stick to your security lists!) The Law is applied throughout Switzerland, but each Province (Kanton) is separately in charge to observe what is happening locally and could check you anytime. Out of experience, the officials are not interested in checking the BSL1 Laboratories due to non-significance of the littles. To write this manual we were working closely with the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN together and further workshops and information days will follow.

Biosecurity Levels 1 - 4


This is a site which leads you threw the process of legal registration of your DIYbio-Lab or DIY Community-Lab and practice in Switzerland threw the Ecogen Client Portal provided by the Swiss Government and to make sure we all follow the Nagoya Protokol and take responsibility in co-sculpting evolution.

Official Site

READ ME FIRST - Legal Base

Overview of Swiss legislation on biotechnology

Ordinance on the Contained Use of Organisms (CO)

Ordinance on Occupational Safety in Biotechnology (OOSB)

Nagoya Protokol - Convention on Biological Diversity

Create your Login

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First Step: let's get started, to create your own Login - Request a NEW ORGANISATION To get a login for the online portal Ecogen the first step to do is to create a "New Organisation", where you will be asked to provide the address of your laboratory and the contact person. This is a process will go threw the local Federal Office of Environment and will take at least 1-2 days time. You will be informed by Mail and receive your password. Follow the instructions.

When you enter the portal you will see the simple construction of the site, which also ressembles a wiki-layout. The header is divided by three entries:

  • Ecogen
  • Public Register
  • About Ecogen

How this site is built up

Upper Header:

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  • ECOGEN: Is your personal Section with all the Data you need to provide, where you can add notifications, change your address or enrolle new contacts, or create new organisms(BSO).
  • PUBLIC REGISTER: Is the database which makes visible all other institutions, companies, schools (Organisations) that registered inside the Federal Ecogen Portal. Need more friends? Go look for them.
  • ABOUT ECOGEN: Gives you more insight on the Portal, but as well as about the ordinances and information on the Federale Office of Environment (BAFU)

Side Box

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  • NOTIFICATION: This is the main tool you will use to make a global notification about your practice. It will ask you to fill out a form with detailed questionary about what you will do inside your DIYbio Laboratory.
  • MASTER DATA: Here your Data is visible and how your DIYbio Laboratory is registered.
  • CHANGE ORGANISATION: Here you will be able to switch btw Organisational Units (only needed if you have more than one)
  • CHANGE PASSWORD: Here you can change your password
  • LOG OUT: no explanation needed.

So what you need once you have your own login, you will need to edit your MASTER DATA and make a NOTIFICATION/MELDUNG to get started. Those are the two important steps to get your final legalized registration.

How to edit your Master Data

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On the left sidebar you will find a link with the Master Data if you click on it you will see the subentries "Organism", "Organisational unit", "Persons", "Locations" and "Request for modification". This is where you will add your coordinates.

  • Organism - this is only if you build new organisms which then will be inserted to the existing databank
  • Organisational unit - this is if you are a multitude of laboratories, to act individually, most of the cases we are small and dont need to add more units.
  • Persons - here you can add your colleagues and other people who are in charge of your LAB and take responsability
  • Locations - this is if you have other laboratories or you are moving into a new location
  • Request of Modification - This is a Protokoll of all changes you made within the section of Person (f.Expl. changing your email address, home address) and Locations. The actual modifications has to be done threw the sidebar of LOCATION or PERSON and will be sent by copy to the FOEN/BAFU.

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Examples of other notification protocols