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Nature has all properties of self healing and remedy. We us spell and magic for coevolution within cyberspace.
BadLab is a collective laboratory of interdisciplinary ideas and practices around plants.
It consists in installations, libraries, screenings, workshops, food, textile, objects, sound and movement.
We collectively investigate plant knowledge and ancient practices.

What is a "Bad Lab" compared to a scientific laboratory?
Reflecting on what productivity means, we focus on exploration rather than on delivering results.
Trying not to follow strict protocols or fixed methods, we dig into the diversity that nature offers with
un/toxic plants and microbes, attempting to rewrite strings of (His-Her)stories,
looking at human’s capability of understanding and perceiving the world.

We are as interested in transcendental gestures and
in the complex relationships between society and our environment.
we performe technophile rituals and summon on archetypal knowledge.
As a collective, we value relationships and want to highlight
all hidden and emotional labor, which is often carried by women.


text by the collective <a href="" target="_blank">Constant</a>

<a href="" target="_blank">CirrusCumulus-master</a> by Océane Juvin on Velvetyne
<a href="" target="_blank">CirrusCumulus-master</a> by Clara Sambot on Velvetyne.

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