Ganzfeld Experiment

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Day 4- Ganzfeld Experiment

Aim: To test whether telepathy is actually possible

Materials: Ping pong ball, bright light, white noise ( static).

Construction: There is a sender (A) and a receiver (B).

The sender thinks of an image. This could be any random image.

Receiver has to place a cut out ping-pong ball on both his eyes, and is made to stare at a bright light for about an hour, while listening to white noise, in the background.

The receiver explains whatever he sees through the ping pong ball, and the sender records these.

Through the entire recording of the images seen, the receiver tries to telepathically connect to the image that the sender initially thought about.

Observations: Being the sender

The image I thought about was the texture of leather.

These were a few images or scenes the receiver saw-

• Pink, purple peach and violet were the colours seen (when these related colours were shown on the laptop screen)

• Skin colour

• Skeleton and ribs

• Bright orange with yellow strip passing through

• Colours of sunset

• White, aquamarine, blue

• Waves crashing

• Flowers

• Swans

• An eye

• Explosion, with seeds splattering

• Tiny pores

• Big white caterpillar

• Dragonflies

• Crescent moon

Conclusion: There was a 33% success in one experiment where I was the sender, and being a receiver, for the same experiment there was just a 20% success. Thus showing that telepathy is not always successful, but can show good results, when few changes in the experiment are made.