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GarLampli box Pink.jpg

based on this new attiny bootloader and a minimal board to check / follow a fermentation curve time/temp profile and show by different colors.

Working on it for the upcoming Koji and Miso workshop at Dimension Plus Lab in Taipei.

Gär Lämpli - 發酵小燈

What is it?

Documentation on NEO github-wiki

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Powered by NEO Coconut Inside

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First Prototype

diy-CAD | A Creative PCB design tool for Children-direct-to-manufacturing

Description coming soon....

Experience from the first workshop at Dimension Plus LAB, TW

Prepare 400% scaled, printed, laminated and cut-out smd parts.

IMG 20170316 143454.jpg

Diy CAD laminates.png

Download the files from the github.

Discuss the difference between the "schematic" representation and "physical" implementation

Start layouting and drafting the correct connections with pencil

we should add some sticky tape to fix them...

Overlay with a transparency sheet and draw the circuit traces and pads

Make sure you take some photo of your layout to refer to the part's position later.

Scan (or photo), scale it back down, print and etch the boards

Take a decent photo, check for reflections from lamps and stuff. Edit the photo in GIMP, to select all surrounding areas and invert the selection. Fill with FG (black), copy, create from clipboard -> new file. import in Inkscape, rescale to original size (some markings on the drawing would be great). Last edits can also be done in inkscape, like adding logos, version numbers, open source coconuts or defined drill holes, cut-layer etc...

Etch the boards or send it for manufacturing

Panel, Pring and etch, or use pdf2gerber to send it for manufacturing

Other stuff to do with it

Adding Sensors

Souvenir Badge for Biohacking festivals?

Similar to our SGMK 10 years badge...


Etymology of gären


and if you wanna learn some German, check this:

Conjugation gären.jpg